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AI-powered advertising on Google CSS.

Shopello BidBrain™

a smarter marketing platform

Today's marketers are faced with a new set of problems — too much data to take advantage of and soaring customer expectations. Shopello BidBrain™ is an AI-powered digital marketing platform designed to make marketers excel, and is available for Google Comparison Shopping Services.

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How online businesses benefit from Shopello BidBrain™

Google only supports cost per click (CPC) advertising. This model is profitable for Google and very easy to maintain. Unfortunately, all clicks don’t lead to purchases and therefore merchants risk losing advertising money. Shopello BidBrain™ changes all that by allowing cost per order (CPO) advertising on Google. Only paying for clicks that generate orders completely eliminates the risk in ad spend.

Big Data

Shopello BidBrain™ is powered by Big Data. Hundreds of data points multiplied by millions of transactions are fed into our AI-algorithms to find the perfect match between consumer and product.

Pay only for traffic that converts to orders

Shopello BidBrain™ adds CPO marketing to Google's Comparison Shopping Services. By tapping in to big data, Shopello's BidBrain connects the power of advanced machine learning algorithms in to Google's Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) empowering merchants to connect with consumers at the most critical moment, increase advertising results and improve efficiency.

Big Data
Big data
Feed optimization
Bidding Intelligence
Bidding Intelligence
Big data
Big Data
  • Intelligent e-commerce data collection
  • Shopping data pattern analysis
  • Predictive conversion
  • High-performance data mining
  • Behavioral/transactional data cross-targeting
Feed Optimization
Pro Feed
  • Intelligent multi-tier product feed optimization
  • Error checking
  • On site scraping and content augmentation
  • Off site scraping
  • Intelligent keyword targeting and content rewrites
Advanced Bid Intelligence
Bidding Intelligence
  • Custom made AI-platform targeting Google Comparison Shopping Service
  • Higher conversion & LTV
  • Better Audience Predictions
  • Improved Targeted Advertising
  • Expanded Customer Acquisition & Retention


Shopello delivers an innovative AI-platform for Google Comparison Shopping Services that helps agencies achieve their KPIs. Shopello BidBrain™ provides sales and is a strong sales pitch for new customers and ad spend.

Agencies already running CSS will benefit from being able to offer CPO deals and adding new additional customers not available through conventional Google Ads.


Search Advertising

Digital advertising passed 50% of the total ad spend worldwide in 2019, and search has become the most important channel for marketers.
Source: eMarketer
Global digital advertise spending
  • Click volume continuing to increase as CPCs have fallen since the second quarter of 2018.
  • Shopping ads represented 37% of total search spend share.
  • #1 Google 73.1%
  • #2 Amazon 12.9%
  • #3 Microsoft 6.5%
  • #4 Verizon Media 2%
  • #5 Yelp 1.8%

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About Shopello

Shopello is a marketing platform that helps online merchants and agencies to optimize advertising and sales using state of the art AI-technology.

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Shopello is a subsidiary to the Ad Tech company Speqta (publ), listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market in Stockholm under the ticker "speqt." Speqta owns and operates leading digital performance marketing platforms for online businesses.

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